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Methodist Church Group
taken ca. 1902
Odd Fellows Hall
Birchfield, Wise Co., VA

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restored: 28 May 2004

person1 Cassie Ann (Stallard) Vanover person3 person4 Mollie Vanover person6 person7 person8 person9 person10 person11 Ida (Carico) Tews person13 Mary Frances (Riggs) Baker person15 Richard *Gus* Baker Milt Gentry Cora (Carico) Gentry Mag Slemp person20 Pat Slemp person22 person23 person24 Ballard Baker person26 Fielden Carico Johnny Carico Martha (Horne) Carico person30 person31 person32 person33 person34 person35 person36 person37 person38 person39 person40 person41 person42 person43 person44 person45 person46 person47 person48 person49 person50 person51 ? Joe Kilgore ? Ella Powers person54 person55 Ivan Baker Milt Baker Dee Baker person59 person60 Pearl (Baker) Davidson Corrie (Baker) Dotson Vadney Stallard ? person64 Otelia Baker Margaret Baker Minnie Carico person68 person69 person70 person71 person72 person73 person74 person75 Nettie (Carico) Neff