Roy and Jewel (Minton) Childers ancestory and family photo gallery

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Roy Childers and ancestors Roy and Jewel Childers family Jewel Minton and ancestors
Roy Childers' siblings and their families Jewell Minton's siblings and their families
unknown photographs from this family

Elbert and Belle (Vance) Childers
Roy and Jewell (Minton) Childers
Fred and Venice (Graham) Minton
John Reuben Minton
John and Nancy (Baker) Minton family
Thomas and Alice (Rousseau Jones) Graham family
Alice (Rousseau Jones) Graham and boys
Alice Virginia and friend
Alice Virginia and her brother
Alice Virginia (Rousseau Jones) Graham Thomas Judson Graham Thomas Judson Graham
W.P. Jones
Frances Cornelia Rousseau Jones

last updated: 23 June 2004